About Our Chaplains

Our Lay Chaplains are trained in the provision of meaningful services to mark many life passages.

They welcome the opportunity to adapt ceremonies to the needs and wishes of the participants, thus allowing couples and families the opportunity to mark a life passage in a spiritual way, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs.

They are licensed to perform weddings in the province of Ontario. Our Chaplain can assist in the development of a personalized ceremony.

They serve Guelph and the surrounding area.



For further information, fees and availability, email Janice: Chaplain@guelph-unitarians.com or call to leave a message at the congregation (519.836.3443) and your call will be returned.

Meet our Chaplain: Janice Canning

I am honored to represent the Unitarian Congregation of Guelph as lay chaplain and thank them for their trust as I carry the responsibilities of this office into the wider community of Guelph and region.

This is my declaration of service to you:

  • to be present during times of transitions, marking them with ceremony created in concert with those who seek meaningful and respectful rites of passage.
  • to bear witness and celebrate together, honoring the diversity of culture, gender and sexual orientation, philosophy, belief and expression of those who choose to declare their joys and sorrows in community.

I bring over 30 years of experience, having walked with many in diverse paths, keeping an open mind and heart, being fully present to the spirit of the moment we find ourselves in.

I was raised and baptized a Christian (United Church) and discovered the divine feminine of the Goddess traditions in the feminism of the 70’s. Seeking to honor the Earth, I sought teachings with native elders, respecting the ways of the First Nations people’s  traditions and give deep gratitude to those teachers. I have walked in community with those of the pagan path, learning about the ways of honoring the Gods and Goddesses of many pantheons whether based in Greek, Norse, and Germanic, Celtic or African tradition. Most recently I have been exploring the Buddhist path and the practice of mindfulness in daily life, seeking a contemplative experience in a hectic world.

Hearing a calling to practice as a natural healer and a trained scientist with curiosity about the plant world and the human body, I studied herbal medicine and privately practiced Shiatsu for over 20 years. Currently I apply my skills of deep listening and solution focused problem solving as a trauma specialist and disaster manager in a corporate setting.

Janice Canning

The Unitarian Congregation of Guelph -- Phone: 519-836-3443
122 Harris Street, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, N1E 5T1


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