Welcome to the Unitarian Congregation of Guelph

The Unitarian Congregation of Guelph welcomes you, whoever you are, whatever your religious beliefs, abilities, ethnicities and sexual orientation.

We are a diverse community who come together to explore important life questions, support each other in living with purpose and meaning, and work toward peace and justice.

We are not bound by a set creed or dogma, but guided by Unitarian Universalist Principles and Sources.

We have been recognized as a Welcoming Congregation.

So if you are searching for a spiritual community where there is freedom of religious thought, spiritual growth, hope and inspiration, welcome!

Upcoming Services and Special Events

Sunday, Sept. 24, 2017
  10:30am -
Sister Ocean (Melina Bondy)

September 24 - Living our Principles

Speaker - Sister Ocean (Melina Bondy)

Principles are an important foundation on the spiritual path but they're only the beginning.  Principles must work their way into our hearts in order to be translated into action in our daily lives. It's one thing to affirm an ideal but another thing altogether to let it change us through insight, heartbreak and everything in between. In this service we will look at ways to awaken the inspiration behind our principles and creative ways to bring our highest ideals into our daily lives.

Sister Ocean (Melina Bondy) is a former Spiritual Development Coordinator of the UCG and now a Buddhist nun ordained in the Plum Village tradition of Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.  She is a musician and a poet, and has been writing the Mindful Living series for Buddhist Door Global since 2013.

Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017
  10:30am -
Mel Horvath-Lucid

October 1 - Gratitude and Joy

Speaker - Mel Horvath-Lucid

Exploring the work of Brene Brown, Mel will be reflecting on the gift of practicing gratitude and cultivating joy, specifically in times of challenge and the mundane of life.  There are many ways to cultivate joy. To quote Brene Brown, "we risk missing out on joy when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary.”

Sunday, Oct. 8, 2017
  10:30am -
Carla Giddings and Margie Johnson

October 8 - Looking in, looking out

Service Facilitators - Carla Giddings and Margie Johnson


How do we walk the walk vs. talk the talk? In this interactive service, we will have the opportunity to reflect on our own social locations and how this gets wrapped up with "privilege". Join us in exploring ideas about what we do (or could do) as individuals and a community to truly value the inherent dignity and worth of ALL people.


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